AUDIO: BeckMilli – “Gotham”

Taking strides with each new release, BeckMilli gives the big hitters a genuine run for their money. Also, as you would expect, she flies high with her latest release, ‘Gotham’.

Kicking off, ‘Gotham’ gets us gripping on for dear life with a harrowing beat which smashes through with omnipotent texture. The overture also brings a fresh vibe which is paving the path for 2021 hip hop. I also relish how BeckMilli fuses various genres into one, and the result is stimulating.

Vocally, BeckMilli sticks out like a sore thumb but for the right reasons. Furthermore, she has a distinct tone which she leverages with her words ringing true. Lyrically, BeckMilli takes no prisoners with her message of breaking through becoming evident as she progresses through the track. Also, she cleverly keeps the excitement flowing with each section, adding a new flavour.

Musically, the track remains relatively condensed with the beat often taking a step back allowing her rap performance to take the limelight. Nevertheless, I would enjoy some harmonies to leap out, especially to give the entire piece a more profound stereo effect. Mind you, the vocals stay central, and they keep us hooked, which works very well.

So what is next for BeckMilli? Hopefully more gems like this one. But if this track is anything to go by the London rapper is likely to have a very successful 2021. But, consistency will be the key as we progress through the new year.

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