AUDIO: Zipten – “Cube Escape”

Italian electronic producer, Zipten unleashes his new single ‘Cube Escape’. The track is to come out officially on the 13th November, but luckily I managed to grab a listen before its big release and so can you!

Furthermore, taking us on an adventure into a realm of abnormal sounds, Zipten hits the nail on the head with his delivery. It all kicks off with a thumping drum kick with a synth rising to the top of the surface with an omnipotent flavour. It carries weight from the instant, but when you expect it to hit the melting point, the shape suddenly changes and Zipten heads in a new direction.

For me, I relish the synth layers because each of them adds something just that little bit different. So much so, although there is a nuance with their sound, they all lead us down a spiralling route, and whichever one you chose to go down, you will come out feeling quenched. Also, as the track progresses, it becomes even more profound with the kick picking up the pace and the rhythm becoming fearless.

However, my only pet hate is that the track is relatively short. So much so, it sits under 1 minute and 50 seconds in length. I believe it still has so much more to offer and I would enjoy it to head into another drop. However, is this a hint that the producer has another release to follow this one up very soon? It would not surprise me.

Overall, ‘Cube Escape’ is the medicine which any electronic music fan craves. It holds a confident position and the experimental direction is paying off massively. As a result, I am super excited to hear what else Zipten has up his sleeve.

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