AUDIO: Suman – “Let Go”

Suman returns with her new hit ‘Let Go’. It is the first track to follow up her previous smasher, ‘Crazy Over You’ and yet again Suman defies expectation.

Anybody aware of Suman will notice that she has an elegant quality. Furthermore, she quickly adapts her sound, and this new track proves her versatility as a musician. Yes, it follows a similar vibe to her previous hits, but yet she also introduces a myriad of new sounds, and the result is delightful.

Vocally, Suman glistens from the moment she opens her vocal cords. She sings with a nail-biting texture, and her message resonates deep instantly. Also, I enjoy how she pushes her harmonic arrangements deeper into the mix, and they add even more weight to the already robust foundation.

Musically, ‘Let Go’ brings a dancehall vibe to modern hip hop. It is a trend we have seen many artists carrying in recent times, but I am unsure that I have come across a track which sounds quite as potent in this space as this one. Furthermore, it has a nostalgic feel, but yet it comes across super fresh with a quality which Suman is pushing forward.

Overall, ‘Let Go’ is addictive. As a result, I am finding myself coming back to it time and time again. The reason for this is evident because it boasts a melody which cements itself wide. Also, it is not often that we hear an artist blend a variety of influences into one quite as well as on ‘Let Go’.

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