AUDIO: Will Pfrang and the Good Land Gang – “The Good Land: Pt. 2”

Pop rockers Will Pfrang and the Good Land Gang are out with their long-awaited sophomore record. Since their debut EP, the band went from being a three-piece to five-piece, profoundly expanding their dynamic. Pfrang’s rich, glossy voice brings a ubiquitously welcoming sensibility with each song. From the party-starter “Overdue” to the friendly touch of “Steal Your Breath,” the Good Land Gang once again solidify themselves as a fixture in Milwaukee music not to be overlooked. The final track “Coming Home” is a poignant one; Pfrang sings of pride in where he’s grown up and how it’s shaped his sense of home as the downtempo melody crashes like waves along the shore for over seven minutes. Done entirely in their basement, bassist Jack Fricke mixed and mastered the whole thing. Will Pfrang and the Good Land Gang are here to soothe us in the midst of this chaotic year we’ve all had. Bands like them are what make us miss live shows more than ever.

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