AUDIO: Amanda Marie Wilkinson – “Spiritual Level”

Amanda Marie Wilkinson delves deep into dance-pop and what she returns with is a treasure!

Furthermore, her latest release ‘Spiritual Level’ is sending a shockwave across the pop space, and it is evident to see why. Moreover, it comes with a mesmerising tone and the musical foundation which Amanda’s vocals sit on drips energy like a leaking tap.

It all starts with a bass synth riff which rises to the surface in style. It comes with a dance structure which we do regularly hear in the dance realms. But, cleverly Amanda also fuses a contemporary pop arrangement with a melody which greets us in angelic quality. The harmony reminds me a little of the harmonies we hear on Justin Bieber releases, is this an influence? Your guess is as good as mine, but it sounds mighty!

As the track progresses, the endorphin levels rise to match the faster pace. It picks us up regularly before taking us back down to earth. Also,
vocally, Amanda Marie Wilkinson sounds radiant. She sings through a high tone filter, and although it does sound mega sharp at times, it works, and it gives her vocals a clear articulation which leaves an indent.

Overall, ‘Spiritual Level’ grips like a potent pop track should do. So much so, it will tick all the boxes for any dance-pop enthusiasts. Also, It has a nail-biting direction, and it is difficult to criticise the songwriting approach, given that it comes just that little bit different. As a result, I am sure many, including myself, will be keeping this one close for quite some time to come.

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