AUDIO: WOLFBERRY – “Let’s Make Fire”

WOLFBERRY is on track to release one of the most potent James Bond esque pop anthems since the arrival of Billie Eilish’s hit ‘No Time To Die’.

Although WOLFBERRY’s ‘Let’s Make Fire’ is not linked to Bond, it carries a similar direction with a sound which will have you comparing her music to a soundtrack. Musically, it is omnipotent with gushing energy which flows from the moment it begins. Also, it comes with a quality which you may mistake for an artist with decades more experience, proving WOLFBERRY’s ability to rise to the occasion in vigour.

Kicking off we hear a rising cymbal crash with a shuffling beat and a melody arrangement which instantly takes us on an adventure. The music then slows down rapidly before a powerful vocal performance from WOLFBERRY. Cleverly, her vocal technique starts with a theatrical aura, and it would not surprise me to find out that the singer has a history of working in the acting world.

Her technique is impressive, and her style changes regularly as the track progresses. So much so, we hear plenty of dynamics in her vocal performance with her often reaching for soft and hard notes. Moreover, the chorus comes with a profound vocal delivery with WOLFBERRY giving it her all. She sings with intensity, and her fearless approach to songwriting is inspiring; it leaves us feeling energised.

Overall, ‘Let’s Make Fire’ comes just that little bit different. The power is evident, and I enjoy how it motivates. So much so, it is the perfect track for those days when you want to make something happen.

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