AUDIO: Le Fil – “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is”

Le Fil is an artist who is blossoming. He resides in London, and he is making a wave not only in the UK’s capital but all across the British isles with his top-class sound. He is a genuine pop talent, the genre flows through his veins, and his new track is testament to his quality as a rising star.

‘Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is’ is about a lover who diverts his attention away from Le Fil. They say one thing and mean another, and they are regularly doing the opposite to what they indicate. It is a story which we have heard time and time again, but it has never come quite as piercing as it does here on Le Fil’s new piece.

The track kicks off with just the drumbeat thumping away in a backbeat structure. I relish how it also includes a clapping rhythm, which I imagine would sound incredible live, especially given the ability for Le Fil to get the crowd clapping along before the song begins. Le Fil then gets underway with a mesmerising vocal performance with him leaping out in a tender style. But, he picks up pace, and his grit comes to the forefront with the chorus standing out like a beaming light.

The chorus melody is engaging, and it reminds me of the greats of the pop genre from decades before today. It takes influence from a variety of sources, and the backing harmony reminds me of 60’s and 70’s rock. The piano lead which accompanies the track also gives it the nail-biting rhythm which it requires. It keeps the fire burning, and it drives the record forward tremendously.

Overall, a top-class release from Le Fil. You can take a listen to his new single below.

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