AUDIO: Guerrilla Ghost – “We Get What We deserve”

As Run The Jewels proved earlier this year, now is the time for music to address the world around it, and Guerrilla Ghost’s latest, “We Get What We Deserve” certainly does that. The fifteen-track project blends electronica, noise, rock, rap, and just about everything between. Emcee Bad Graphics Ghost has a chip on his shoulder, priming us for some of his best work to date, and Tron Jovi has the score to boost that aggression. The world has thrown a lot at us this year, and Guerrilla Ghost are quick to retaliate on this album, complete with features from Kool Keith, Armstrong Ransome, Rec Riddles, Taiyamo Denku and more. If you need music for a revolt, check out “We Get What We Deserve” below:

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