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AUDIO: Tron Jovi – ‘Bass + Frequency Studies in Dub, Chapter One”

Electronic artist Tron Jovi, half of experimental hip hop duo Guerrilla Ghost, has a new EP out. Combining dub with industrial doom, these six tracks collectively feel like an artistic lesson, and Jovi is the cool teacher that makes learning a blast. It smoothens out the confrontational nature that Guerrilla Ghost is known for while maintaining abrasive texture, showcasing a

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AUDIO: Devils Teeth – “La leggenda di Chong Li”

Garage punks Devils Teeth finally have their spaghetti western concept album out on Triple Eye Industries, revolving around the adventures of Chong Li from the film Bloodsport. The record builds into a textural, cinematic experience that takes us along with Chong Li atop his horse. Although he dies eventually his son lives on to carry his legacy. The result is

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AUDIO: Whaler – “Ex.tem.po.re”

Experimental noise project Whaler has a new EP out on Triple Eye Industries. Featuring two pieces, Francisco Ramirez centers droning guitars against cassette loops here. He captures an abrasive meditation that never gets too harsh but remains firm in density. Whaler has been releasing some of the most dystopian soundscapes out of Milwaukee’s experimental scene, and this release adds just

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AUDIO: Hot Science – “Summoner”

Alien beatmaker Hot Science recently joined the roster over at Triple Eye Industries, and this new EP is his first release with them. It’s glitchy and industrial, from the frantic speed race of “Cyber Sail” to the spacey bounce of “Al’s Run” to the explorative jungle-jam of “Wildcard.” Hot Science showcases immense electronic precision with plenty of rich atmospheres, and

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AUDIO: Soup Moat – “Be Brave, Run Away”

Grunge punks Soup Moat are out with a new record today on Triple Eye Industries. If you’re into fuzzy guitar pop and powerhouse group shouts, Soup Moat will keep you jumping around. They explore confusing feelings and absurdity through ironic imagery and witty humor, often featuring animals. The final track “High Five a Hawk” is a six and a half

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