AUDIO: The Hassan Assassin – “Come Over”

Hip hop ace ‘The Hassan Assassin’ releases fresh new single ‘Come Over’. The rapper takes an orthodox approach here, and he brings heaps of nostalgia on this piece but yet also adds his own flavour to make for a refreshing hip hop gem.

Kicking off the track is a hot sounding piano lead. It has the power to catapult us into a space of calm and tranquillity. It reminds me of the type of intro we would expect from the greats including ‘Drake’. The Hassan Asssasin then unleashes an unforgettable rap performance with him dropping bars as if it is going out of fashion.

‘Good Times’ is the opening words, and it instantly makes the theme clear. It is a track which provides optimism and positive energy which we all need at these times when the world is quite frankly a mess. His vocal drives the track from the get-go, and it is difficult not to get onto his wavelength with him singing about all the good aspects of life, minus the hangovers.

Musically, it is exciting, it has a hip hop feel which we hear a lot of in recent times, but the hooks are in a realm of their own. They shout volumes, and the infectious and charming approach is enough to make them echo around in our mind well after listening. As it progresses, it does start repeating itself quite regularly, which is not unusual for a track of this style. However, it would have been refreshing to hear a little more variance in sections, especially since the chorus rings out multiple times.

Nevertheless, it is a hip hop track which I will be keeping close for quite some time, it is edgy and raw, and it has masses of likeability. You can take a listen to ‘Come Over’ by The Hassan Assassin below.

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