AUDIO: Misty Shape – “Midnight Train”

Misty Shape prove their versatility as musicians on their latest track ‘Midnight Train’. It is the type of rock song which mirrors some of the worlds most famous ballads, but it has a unique freshness which many are finding hard to resist.

Vocally, the track excels, and the lead singer hits all the right notes from the moment her vocal cords open up. She sings with genuine passion, and it is difficult to find any fault with her mesmerising delivery. Cleverly, she intertwines soft and gritty vocals very well. She knows when to get sombre, and she also knows the right time to unleash the power with her vocals gloriously powering through the chorus.

The music is also a standout point for me. It has a James Bond soundtrack type of vibe to it but yet also keeps true to the groups signature rocky sound. It grows as it progresses and although it starts rather gentle and soft before we know it all the guns are blazing with a colossal sound, making it into the mix towards the latter.

Structurally, the group have taken a new direction. They do not stick to the status quo with them regularly switching things up. I relish this approach because it prevents the track from falling into the repetitiveness space, which we hear all too often with similar records.

Overall, it is a track which will get you hooked. It has all the ingredients to make it a contender for rock ballad of the year and it provides a myriad of like-abilities for many. It also stays prevalent with the witty lyricism hitting home in a trendy fashion. So, wait no longer. You can take a listen to ‘Midnight Train’ by Misty Shape below.

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