AUDIO: Le Fil – “Undercover Lover”

Le Fil is one of the brightest stars to come out of pop in recent times. Furthermore, I found it difficult not to find myself gripping to his new release, the moment I hit play. Not only because of his pop potency but also because of his smart approach to music.

Based in Yorkshire, the upcoming pop star hits all the right notes here on this track. He has an infectous charm which shines clear as daylight, and he wears his emotion on his sleeve while providing robust lyricism. The track gets underway in a bold fashion. He combines a contemporary dance beat which thumps like thunder, and his vocal greets the fundamental tremendously well.

Often, being vocal about the LGBT community, Le Fil takes us down a new route here. He opens up to a broader audience, and many will find it easy to get onto this wavelength. Also, he has grown in his sound, and although staying similar to his previous releases, he finds a new direction. It proves his versatility as a musician and puts him on the radar of freshest pop names coming out of the UK underground scene.

But, he is not entirely as unknown as I first thought. He recently supported Mel C on tour, and his fan base is growing massively with each track catapulting him into new areas. I relish how he has brought a unique sound to the party. I hate seeing artists stick to the norm and delivering tracks which almost replicate others. But, Le Fil has a different direction, and his vision is paying off with this track hitting all the right notes.

You can take a listen to ‘Undercover Lover’ by Le Fil below.

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