AUDIO: Reins Daily – “USA 2020 (Part 1)”

Singer/Songwriter Sean Raasch, aka Reins Daily, creates until he cannot physically create anymore. Since adopting the Reins Daily moniker, his work has become increasingly personal, including his latest project, “USA 2020 (Part 1)”. Raasch puts every last ounce of his creative effort into this release, with a distinctly grim vocal delivery, despite a more amplified sound around him than in recent months. The eleven track project is incorporates elements of bluesy indie rock, with just a little bit of Americana twang as well. As the title might suggest, the lyrics are reflective of the world, with Raasch proclaiming that “in the real world, we all still suffer” and tracks like “Middle Class Stress” overtly putting his thoughts out into the world. Later ballad “Wish You The Best” feels increasingly intimate, stripping away the majority of electronic elements that fill up the rest of the record. Reins Daily can captivate in more styles than one, and if we don’t hear from him for some time, “USA 2020 (Part 1)” feels like a perfect place to leave things lie.

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