AUDIO: Calboa – “A Condition Called Loneliness”

Calboa is back at it with his new single ‘A Condition Called Loneliness’. Staying true to his brand, he sings with utmost honest about modern times and his performance here is infectious.

Producing a catchy indie track like this one is a sure-fire way to grab my attention. I love the feel this type of indie induces and the approach taken from Calboa is awe-inspiring. He often delves more into the darker side of indie with less feel-good tracks, but this one provides a new flavour, and it combines all the best qualities of indie to make quite a unique cocktail.

Kicking off the track is a strong intro with the drum kit thumping away and a guitar rhythm which will make you wish Glastonbury 2020 was still going ahead. As the track progresses, Calboa greets us with top-class vocal prowess. For me, it is probably his best delivery yet with him hitting all the right notes in a trendy fashion. The chorus is the leading hook though, as you would expect from Calboa. It is where he unleashes the pure magic with a melody line which catches like a fisherman’s rod.

Overall, Calboa is smashing it on ‘A Conditional Called Loneliness’. So much so I would put it as a contender for top feel-good indie track of the summer. Nevertheless, cleverly Calboa provides something for just about everyone with a myriad of sounds often appearing in the mix. But, it will be interesting to see the direction the up and coming indie artist takes with his next releases. After all, this one seems very much out of his usual comfort zone, but I do relish the new angle.

You can take a listen to ‘A Condition Called Loneliness’ below.

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