AUDIO: Warren Enstrom – “Acoustics”

There’s many terms used to describe Warren Enstrom’s work – free improvisation, avant-garde, contemporary classical, and sound art to name a few. The latest release of his has been four years in the making and features no electronic instruments – only acoustic ones. The compositions challenge any and all conventional song structures in favor of something whimsical and mysterious, all of which were recorded in different periods of those four years. He had been inspired to create this project from a recording and sound design workshop he had taken while in graduate school. Enstrom commissioned a number of seasoned musicians on these pieces including Joshua Guarisco, Omar Fraire, Matt Chilton, Elizabeth Casciato, and 정하림. Instruments featured throughout are vocals, oboe, bassoon, bass recorder, teller, upright bass, organ, and viola d’amour.

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