AUDIO: Ashley Singh – “17”

Ashley Singh is making quite a name for himself. His first tracks took off quicker than I reckon the singer himself expected but his new record ’17’ is adding even more weight to his discography.

He has found a niche here, and he leverages his quality throughout. Singing about a relationship which potentially turned sour due to timing, he sings with genuine meaning. You can quickly tell that this topic is close to Ashley’s heart with him versifying with conspicuous emotion.

Influenced by some of the greatest in this genre, Ashley has taken a close look at what works. He has taken the best characteristics and fused them into a distinct sound. But, a little more variety here and there in his music could have added more spectacles, especially since the structure is relatively generic and many could argue is a little predictable.

Nevertheless, the simple structure works, and it does the job it intends too. Musically, it kicks off with a kind of James Bay vibe with the rhythm guitar plucking away and building. The vocals start gently, and Ashley outlines his message from the get-go before an anthemic chorus. In the chorus section, Ashley sings a melody which grips and does not let go. As a result, it is difficult not to find yourself humming it many hours after the first listen.

For me, this is one of the most beautiful indie-pop gems I have come across in recent times. There is just about something for everybody here and if like me; you relish nail-biting vocals mixed with a robust indie-pop foundation, then you will savour this one. You can listen to ’17’ by Ashley Singh below.

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