VIDEO: Day Tvvo – “The Taste IN Your Mouth”

N43 Records artist Day Tvvo recently dropped one of his first singles since signing to the label, “The Taste In Your Mouth”, and he’s already back with the visual treatment for the track. The pop artist crafts a catchy hook around pianos and contemporary top-40 ready production, and tales of a jilted lover hit a little differently when they’re set to a catchy beat. The performance clip from director Brad Roehl has an untold backstory, with Day Tvvo looking worse for wear and banished to the street with a broken mirror, though occasionally flanked by dancers with synchronized choreography. N43 is becoming a pop factory of sorts locally, and Day Tvvo checks all of the boxes to become a new top prospect with singles like this one. Check out the clip for “The Taste In Your Mouth” below:

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