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AUDIO: Day Tvvo – “Spider-Man”

Alt pop artist Day Tvvo’s latest single is about growing up just to realize that you don’t have the answers to anything. Whether he’s going to school or church or wherever, Tvvo is disgruntled by how simple society made life seem when he was a kid, only to find that nothing makes sense. They lied to us! Between guitars and

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Alt pop artist Day Tvvo dropped a new single at the end of October. It’s a song about wanting so bad to be loved that you’ll look for it wherever you can. When you struggle to feel like you fit in, validation can be a drug – and that’s what’s on the artist’s mind – but he makes it catchy,

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VIDEO: Day Tvvo – “I Need Help Too”

Alternative pop artist Day Tvvo dropped a new single and video recently. This one strips things down to mostly acoustic guitar, finding Tvvo reflecting on a relationship’s downfall. He acknowledges that he’s got issues and needs a change of pace; he sits alone at a campfire in the woods as he ponders who he really is. We hope it’s the

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AUDIO: Day Tvvo – “Famous”

Pop artist Day Tvvo dropped a new single this past week. It’s about being reckless and letting shit get to your head as you’re starting to get noticed. Tvvo acknowledges that he and friends are getting carried away, but it’s the life they’ve chosen because they see themselves making it big. Day Tvvo has been consistent with new hits this

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