Audio: Abel Razal And M.A Teuwen – ‘Project 9’

Abel Razal and M.A Teuwen have teamed up to create a contemporary pop track with plenty of influence from rock greats including ‘Prince’.

It is a track which mesmerises. A lot is going on structurally which I like, and the foundation within the record proves the quality which the pair possess between them. It has been produced by Abel who occasionally reaches for the mic to add a lower octave backing on M.A Teuwen’s sublime vocal performance.

The track title does not give any indication about the meaning of the track. But having listened a few times, it is clear to hear the message that the pair are expressing. They talk about love and relationships as well as singing about good times.

There is a robust nail-biting bass line which jumps out firmly within the mix. Also, the rhythm section changes regularly, which leads us on an adventure. One moment it is chill and fairly withdrawn, the next it is all guns blazing and encouraging us to lift our feet off the ground. It is funky, and that theme follows the entire track. I like the blend of genres they have got going on. I could identify an eclectic influence of styles. We hear soul within the vocals with an R&B aura. But yet there is a jazzy, funk and pop-rock feeling going on within it too.

Overall, it is a cleverly put together track. The pair do not stick to the norm either which is stimulating to hear. They have taken a sound of their own and flaunted it effortlessly here on ‘Project 9’. I am eager to listen to what is next in store for the pair. One thing, I am sure we can all agree on is that they should team up once again. We need to hear more gems like this one. You can listen to ‘Project 9’ below.

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