AUDIO: Cozy Danger – “We’re All Gonna die”

Cozy Danger are back with a new single, and a jangly, fun reminder that one day, all of us, even you, are going to die. The aptly named “We’re All Gonna Die” features a story of a nice spring day, with a Brewers victory, and some Facebook scrolling, before hitting you with the cold, hard truth. All of this is set to some clean, bouncy guitar fiddling, which might give off the impression of a blissful world where everything is fine. It is not. We’re all going to die, and Cozy Danger will not let you forget that. Apart from their 2013 EP, this is the first single we’ve gotten from the band in some time. Hopefully the band will continue to break their silence in a recorded realm soon, and perhaps under less grim conditions. Check out “We’re All Gonna Die” below:

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