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AUDIO: Cozy Danger – “Yeah No For Sure”

Garage pop trio Cozy Danger released a new EP this week. There’s five tunes here that bring the bright, sunny energy that you love and crave from Cozy Danger, making you feel good in your own skin while getting you to dance a bit too. “Fuck Yeah Get It Girl” is a fun tribute to badass women that was released

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AUDIO: Cozy Danger – “Fuck Yeah Get It Girl”

Indie-garage rockers Cozy Danger’s latest single is dedicated to powerful women. With a funky melody and zapping synths, the band aren’t afraid to get stylish and provocative here. They’re cheering a woman on whether she’s all about business, drinking martinis, leaving men wishing, or wearing something new. It’s a tribute to female badassery from Cozy Danger.

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ARTIST SPOTLIGHTS: The Nile Club, Cozy Danger

Several solid bands played a show at Bremen Cafe on Saturday night, bringing in a tight-knit crowd. Milwaukee bands The Nile Club and Cozy Danger plus Madison’s Quick and Painless all made appearances. The Nile Club are a crunchy alternative rock trio consisting of guitarist Malachi Kaehne, bassist Sam Walters, and drummer Samwise Baker. All three of them trade off

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VIDEO: Cozy Danger – “Where Are All My Dogs At”

Indie rockers Cozy Danger are back with a fun video accompanying their 2020 “Invincible Dog Story” EP, featuring a ton of goodbois. The band parties with dogs to a positive jam about remembering that your friends are your friends even when you are having social anxiety. It’s a relevant message for sure, as many of us aren’t used to being

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AUDIO: Cozy Danger – “Invincible Dog Story”

Indie rockers Cozy Danger have a three-song EP out. It’s got a surf-garage feel to it; the first song is about irresistibly thinking about a girl, the second song touches on feeling nervous but remembering you’re among friends, and the third song tells the story of becoming a superhero. The band captures energetic, triumphant rock and roll with a friendly

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