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ARTIST SPOTLIGHTS: The Nile Club, Cozy Danger

Several solid bands played a show at Bremen Cafe on Saturday night, bringing in a tight-knit crowd. Milwaukee bands The Nile Club and Cozy Danger plus Madison’s Quick and Painless all made appearances. The Nile Club are a crunchy alternative rock trio consisting of guitarist Malachi Kaehne, bassist Sam Walters, and drummer Samwise Baker. All three of them trade off

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VIDEO: Cozy Danger – “Where Are All My Dogs At”

Indie rockers Cozy Danger are back with a fun video accompanying their 2020 “Invincible Dog Story” EP, featuring a ton of goodbois. The band parties with dogs to a positive jam about remembering that your friends are your friends even when you are having social anxiety. It’s a relevant message for sure, as many of us aren’t used to being

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AUDIO: Cozy Danger – “Invincible Dog Story”

Indie rockers Cozy Danger have a three-song EP out. It’s got a surf-garage feel to it; the first song is about irresistibly thinking about a girl, the second song touches on feeling nervous but remembering you’re among friends, and the third song tells the story of becoming a superhero. The band captures energetic, triumphant rock and roll with a friendly

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