AUDIO: Reins Daily – “Left For Dead”

Fresh off of the release of his self-titled full-length album, Reins Daily, aka singer/songwriter Sean Raasch, is already back with a new set of material in the form of his “Left For Dead” EP. While lyrically, the songs feel just as somber as the material on the album, which came out earlier this month, there’s a little bit more tempo on the title track to the new EP. Bits and pieces of percussion add some life on the follow up tracks, “Save Your Grievance For The Right Time” and “Evening Learning”. While these tracks might have been created during the process for the “Reins Daily” album, it’s clear that there’s a different energy here. In any case, it’s exciting to see the output that Reins Daily is contributing to the Milwaukee music scene right now, and you can hear the latest with the EP below:

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