AUDIO: Victor DeLorenzo – “Tranceaphone”

Victor DeLorenzo hasn’t put out a solo project since his 2013 self-titled album, but that changed today with the release of his new EP, “Tranceaphone”. As one half of Nineteen Thirteen, and a former member of Violent Femmes, DeLorenzo has been in and around avant-garde music with a variety of different sounds and styles for decades, and that comes out on this release. Living somewhere within the intersections of jazz, indie rock, new wave and pop, he manages to create an inescapable groove on songs like “Lullaby”, which incorporates everything from keys to tubas to dry sounding guitars. Throughout, DeLorenzo’s vocals play like a cool narrator, navigating the way through the soundscape on each track. It’s a unique release from an artist with a rich musical background, and definitely well worth a spin. Check out “Tranceaphone” below:

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