AUDIO: KennyHoopla – “The World Is Flat And This Is The Edge”

KennyHoopla has picked up a ton of fanfare with his last couple of videos, and he is currently riding that momentum with a new single, “The World Is Flat And This Is The Edge”. Sonically, the track is further away from indie rock, and more towards emotional pop this time around, and that’s fine, as Hoopla’s music lives somewhere in the middle of that intersection (at least for now). It’s hard to not gush about the music that he has been creating as of late, as it feels both timely and progressive at the same time, and this is just the latest example of that. With newfound national attention, it wouldn’t be surprising if Kenny decides to put out music at a more regular clip, and you can still get on the wave early by checking out the new single below:

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