Artist Spotlight: Habitat for Insanity

A loud yet eclectic night of music took place at High Dive Sunday evening, bringing out folks from the neighborhood for a solid time. Twin Cities-based post-punk revival band Hard Looks played along with electropop artist LUXI and punk band Habitat for Insanity.

Habitat for Insanity consists of vocalist/guitarist Amber Rae, bassist/vocalist “Magoo,” and drummer Eric Apnea. They have been a band for a little over three years.

“I had been travelling around and moved back from Vegas,” Rae said about when the band formed. “We try to play maybe once or twice a month.”

The trio just dropped a split with “freedom punk” band Duckling in December.

“We recorded those two songs while we were on tour; we did them with Brandon in Austin, TX. They sounded really great and we knew Duckling had some extra stuff, so we asked them if they’d do the split. I did all the artwork for that one too…some collage work. Those are probably my favorite songs we’ve done.”

They just finished recording an EP expected to be out soon.

“We just got the test pressings for it…it’s called “Sick Puppy.” I did all the artwork for it and it’s got a picture of Anna Nicole on the cover. A lot of my songs deal with past drug addiction and my stories with that. We had Eric Meyer record it in his basement. We’re going on tour in Japan from April 21st till May 8th and we’ll have a record release show probably before that. I have not been in Japan but I’m really looking forward to it – I’m ready to eat (laughs).”

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