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Garage rockers Duckling played at Cactus Club on Saturday night along with hardcore punks Peroxide, Madison-based power pop band Proud Parents, and Columbus, OH-based avant-garage rockers Dana. Duckling consists of guitarist Derek Marinello, bassist Jordan Moreno, and drummer Quinn Cory; all three members share vocal duties. This was their first show in two and a half years. “We were super

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Artist Spotlight: Not the Cops

Garage punk band Not the Cops played with indie rockers Bandoleer Bacall and alternative pop band Loud Library at Company Brewing Saturday night. Friends and supporters showed out for a night of vibrant, colorful music despite the cold. Not the Cops are vocalist/guitarist James Wallace, bassist/vocalist Nelson Schneider, and drummer Tanner Shepherd. The band formed in 2017 and recently dropped

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RECAP: Arte Para Todos 2017

In a city that is known for music festivals and block parties, Arte Para Todos is unlike any other. By celebrating Milwaukee’s neighborhoods, and with the mission of giving money to local schools’ arts programs, there’s a lot of social good to go along with the chance to see a huge variety of Milwaukee artists play live. We got the

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