Garage rockers Duckling played at Cactus Club on Saturday night along with hardcore punks Peroxide, Madison-based power pop band Proud Parents, and Columbus, OH-based avant-garage rockers Dana.

Duckling consists of guitarist Derek Marinello, bassist Jordan Moreno, and drummer Quinn Cory; all three members share vocal duties. This was their first show in two and a half years.

“We were super nervous but I’m glad we were able to channel that somehow,” Cory said after the show. “We had a ring of shows lined up for 2020 but those all got cancelled, including our split release show with Habitat for Insanity.”

They’ve been a band for about five years. Cory explains how the band formed.

“Me and Jordan started playing drum and bass for Fivy a long time ago, and then I had a friend of mine Tony (who moved to New York and no longer is in the band) joined us and we all started making music together. Then Derek came into the mix and we had our release show with all four of us, which was super sweet to have two guitar players.”

“We all bonded over Thee Oh Sees,” Moreno added.

Their last release was the single “Jurassic Park” in November 2018.

“That song came from us wanting to just fuck around a lot on stage, which we like to do a lot,” Cory said.

“What we normally do for that song is we find somebody different every show to read an excerpt of the screenplay of Jurassic Park,” Moreno explained. “We try to stick to people we at least loosely know who would be down to go in front of people, and then we tell them to make it their own thing while we play as long as they read. Robert from Scrimshaw did it in the recording.”

A video for their unreleased song “Nailz” dropped in early quarantine. That said, they’ve got plenty of music in the chamber.

Moreno shared, “I was living in Kalamazoo, Michigan before quarantine and I’d come out here occasionally – like once a month or so – and we’d just jam and fuck around. Then the pandemic happened and I stayed in Michigan for a few months longer, and then I moved back here in summer and we just chilled for a while. Right before I moved to Michigan though, we recorded a bunch of songs that we’ve just been sitting on. Now I live in Chicago but I’ll still come up here to jam since it’s not that far.”

“We’re so jam-oriented with how we play with each other that the songs change by the time we’re ready to put something out,” Cory added.

“For instance, there’s a song that we played tonight called “Soup” and we have to re-record it because we lengthened it and added lyrics,” Moreno said.

Duckling do not have any more shows booked as of now but hope to play more in time, in addition to getting their recordings out. They plan to release their split single with Habitat for Insanity soon as well.

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