After plenty of anticipation, GGOOLLDD’s debut full length album, “Here We Are”, is out today. Milwaukee’s indie pop darlings return with nine tracks this time around, including previously released singles “Success!”, “Welcome To My House”, and “Money”. Those tracks lead off the album, and the new material that follows are truly where the band gets to hit their stride creatively, which you hear as soon as the uptempo beginning of “Whos’s Girl Is That?” kicks in. From party-ready jams to retro feeling ballads, hearing the band in the context of a full-length album is the first real chance to showcase a wider range of songwriting. As we heard on the singles from this project, much of the album bodes well for a live setting, which we’ll get to experience when the band celebrates the release of the album next month at Turner Hall Ballroom. Check out “Here We Are” below:

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