Artist Spotlight: Before Nitrogen

Breaking and Entering hosted an open mic/semi-acoustic showcase at the Tonic Tavern Friday evening, featuring stripped-down performances from a myriad of singer-songwriters and bands. Before Nitrogen, Grant Clementi (of Clear Pioneer), Jon Rouse, and The New Grey all hit the stage giving it their all.

Before Nitrogen is a hot new indie pop band consisting of lead vocalist/guitarist Sean McGibany, lead guitarist/vocalist Jack Reesman, and “master of machines” Joe Perdzock. McGibany explains where the group name came from.

“It’s a very long story…it basically involves me being in a college chemistry class, being in another different band trying to come up with a name for them, the band N’Sync, and a chemistry joke. If you put all four of those things together in a very roundabout way, you will end up with Before Nitrogen.”

The trio dropped their debut EP “Elements” last June and have a new single “Running in the Forest” out as of December.

“We did (Elements) all by ourselves in terms of recording; I did it mostly in my basement. The concept was that there was gonna be a song on it for every season, and there were gonna be transitions between the songs so that you could listen to it on repeated loops at the end all the way back to the beginning. We did the mixing and mastering with some friends of mine in Nashville.”

Thematically, their music deals heavily with political and social chaos.

“It’s more of a reaction to it from my end. There was a time a couple years ago where I realized the world was way more complicated than I had originally thought it was and didn’t really know how to react to that, and I found myself very confused about where to go with all this information I was getting. A lot of the stuff with the band is about that journey towards not giving up and just believing that you can continue forward. We don’t wanna be a band that’s all sunshine and roses all the time – we wanna get down in the trenches and admit that things are complicated and hard. There’s gonna be times you just don’t know what to do or how to handle something. That’s exactly what “Running in the Forest” was about; it was our big thesis statement song – we’ve been through tough stuff but amid the rubble we stand our ground.”

He talks a bit about what the band has going on now.

“We’re in the studio working on a song called “Found” – that’s been a work in progress and have been working with a couple different people on that. We’re hoping to get that out in the spring, and then for summertime we’re hoping to play a lot of shows and work the circuit.”

Before Nitrogen is playing a charity show in Oconomowoc on February 22nd, which they have yet to formally announce.

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