Artist Spotlight: Sin Bad

A rambunctious rock night took place at High Dive Friday night, featuring rock and rollers Saebra & Carlyle along with power pop-emo-garage rock trio Sin Bad. They played the hits, and folks packed up the Center Street dive.

Sin Bad consists of vocalist/guitarist Ben Woyak, vocalist/bassist Audrey Pennings, and drummer Joe Kirschling. They formed in March 2014 and are named after the comedian.

“(Sin Bad) is amazing – I’ve met him twice,” Pennings said. “Right now I know he’s doing holiday-personal messages to people…you can pay like a hundred dollars and get a personalized message from him, so save up your money for the holidays and Sin Bad will talk to you.”

“We’ll do it for fifty,” Kirschling joked.

Pennings moved to New Orleans from Milwaukee seven months ago, which has understandably limited the band’s ability to play out as much.

“My little sister moved there about two years ago, so after I was done with nursing school I decided to move down,” Pennings explained. “We’ve still been having shows every time I come back.”

The band released a split with Bad Wig earlier this year in February.

“They’re amazing,” Pennings said. “They’re very 90’s, which fits in with our genre of rock.”

“Connor from Bad Wig is our biggest fan,” Kirschling said with a smile.

They talk about what they have been working on.

“I have things in the mix but I have not presented any of them to this band because I feel there’d be a postal service situation with recordings being passed to and from,” Pennings said. “It doesn’t mean it’s impossible but I definitely have stuff I would like to bring to them.”

“We have an unreleased EP…it’s in the can,” Kirschling added.

“It’s four songs but needs a song’s worth of lyrics to get completed,” Woyak explained. “We played that song tonight…it had quote unquote ‘lyrics’. Each of us write songs and introduce them to the band, and everyone else layers on top of that. It starts with a skeleton one of us creates and the other two members end up making it sound like Sin Bad.”

Sin Bad plan to finish their EP in 2020, as well as continue playing shows whenever Audrey Pennings is in town. They have a rough idea to come down to her and play in New Orleans along with Bad Wig…stay tuned.

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