Artist Spotlight: Brat Sounds

Alternative rock outfit Brat Sounds celebrated their “Bad Luck” album release party at High Dive Friday evening, performing along with Yum Yum Cult, Mark Adams Son of Bill, and Slug Rejector. The Riverwest dive packed heavy as immense rock fusion filled the place all night.

Brat Sounds (as in “that kid is a brat” and not “bratwurst”) consists of vocalist/guitarist Scott Cary, lead guitarist/vocalist Corbin Coonan, and then Kelly Danen and Max Wikoff alternative between bass and drums.

Cary explains how this band formed.

“We had another band called Dinny Bulca that was three of the members of Brat Sounds and then we added a member and changed the name. With the old band we’ve been together for eight or nine years but Brat Sounds has been it since like 2015.”

He describes the recording process and subject matter of their new album.

“The name change also came when I started self-recording us. For this last album I built a studio in my basement…I had a job that gave me access to a lot of foam panels I could just take, so I soundproofed the room and we did it all ourselves. It was a mix-and-match of who played what…everybody kinda played everything on a song-to-song basis – just whoever could do it best was who laid the track down. I recorded demos of all these songs in 2016, and it’s taken us since then to polish those and get them down as well as we could. Having your own studio you can sit there and mix every single track for hours and hours, so it took a long time, but partially because we were being meticulous. A lot of the songs I wrote when I was entering a relationship, so some of it’s about that.”

The band has not been playing a ton in the scene as of late, but hopes to more in the coming year.

“We used to a lot more but then we took a break as we were recording, and then especially leading up to this we thought it would be good to take a little hiatus.”

Brat Sounds has a handful of new songs they are working on as well. For their encore for this show they played “Bonzo Goes to Bitburg” by Ramones.

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