AUDIO: The Haskels – “The Haskels”

It feels surreal to write this, but a new lost album from Milwaukee punk pioneers The Haskels is available today. The record was released by Clancy Carroll’s Splunge Communications, and was comprised of 1979 tapes that were recorded in one night at Solar Studios, the day after their original studio session went awry due to an exploded amplifier. There’s 14 tracks available in total, most of them rarities due to the band having limited recordings of any medium available. In essence, it’s a diamond in the rough. The original tapes required being baked twice in a convection oven to restore their quality, a tricky process that jeopardized the original recordings entirely if not done correctly. Fortunately, these power-pop gems were saved, and pressed to both CD and vinyl. You can order one of the limited edition vinyls via Splunge Communications here, and check out previews of the album below:

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