Artist Spotlight: Hughes Family Band

A beer-soaked music night of foot-tapping melodies took place at High Dive Friday evening, packing the Riverwest dive heavy. Performances came from singer-songwriter Jeff Mitchell, Madison rockers Free Dirt (who just dropped their debut full-length record “Pink Floyd On Ice”) and honky-tonk rockers Hughes Family Band.

Hughes Family Band consists of vocalist/pianist/guitarist Nathan Hughes, vocalist/bassist Connor LaMue, lead guitarist Ian Hughes, and drummer Bryce Kedrowicz. Mixing boogies, honky-tonk, and country rock, Nathan often wears a large white hat for shows. The boys began playing together in summer of 2018 and have dropped a song on Bandcamp called “Pierce Street Boogaloo” which was recorded with Ian Olvera of Daydream Retrievers. They went on their first weekend tour this past July, taking them out to Ohio and back.

“I saw Bryce at a bar…we talked about starting a country-ish band,” LaMue said. “I hit up Nathan since we had jammed once before and then asked his brother Ian if he wanted to hop in on guitar.”

“(My brother and I) were in bands in high school but not until this current group were we playing like this,” Nathan said. “The older you get, the more heartbreaks you have.”

Nathan explains what the band has got going on.

“We’ve got a lot of stuff in the hopper. We just recorded last Saturday some new stuff that may be a full album. It’s all coming down the pipeline here. We’ve been working with Shane from Howl Street and were just over in Madison with Kyle Motor.”

Hughes Family Band hope to have an album release party around January time, as well as a music video out soon. They play Cole’s Bar in Chicago on November 22nd.

When asked what folks may expect from Hughes Family Band in 2020, Nathan replied “rock and roll, baby.”

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