REVIEW: Matt And Kim at Turner Hall Ballroom

Photo by Will Hughes

A suburban girl’s dream, poppy electronic music you can dance to. That’s what I thought Matt and Kim were to have in store for me with their 10 year anniversary tour. What I got in return was a surprisingly hard-hitting show that blended that poppy electronic music with some crushing percussion and a ton of fun. 

The Band

The electronic duo, Matt and Kim, started in the mid 00’s playing lofts and small venues in Brooklyn, New York. The two crafted their indie pop dance music to ensure that people were moving always moving while they listened. The insanely catchy style of mixing blends, vocals, synth and drums. That’s all Matt and Kim need to bring a house to their feet. The infectious two who are clearly madly in love with each other, bring fun and joy to their stages that reverberate with anyone who listens to their music.

The Experience

Going in with what I thought was going to be clinically clean music that reminds me of polos and plaid shorts, that couldn’t be further from the reality. Right off the bat, we are introduced to the two with pounding kick drum and clapping symbols. Greeted with the two coming out in cut off tees and tight pants my expectations were immediately subverted. For what the two lack in their studio sound of edge, they make up in their live show with grit and determination to make the crowd feel welcome.

That’s something that stood out to me right away. Since the two have minimal equipment changes, they make up for that time lost by chatting it up with the audience. Turns out not only are the two adorable but they are funny as hell. At one point we were introduced to a slideshow of their origins dating back to suburban Vermont where the two kindled their band and love. It was not only heartwarming but an interesting break from the show, which for some reason I didn’t mind. 

Matt and Kim splice a little bit of their life in with their music, not only playing their songs but doubling up as a DJ and playing popular songs from their childhood as well as club bangers such as “Hey Ma”. The ten year anniversary tour was clearly something they were proud of and pulled in a heaping amount of nostalgia and great-sounding music. It’s clear that throughout the years of crafting music together the two captured the magic and bottled it for their shows. 

They have fun, they wanted us to have fun, and the crowd reacted appropriately. Blowup dolls, mosh pits, and flashing are what kept the audience engaged and felt like Matt and Kim put a spell on us. I hope that this little powerhouse duo stick around and keep making music that never fails to put everyone in a great mood.

The Verdict

This show was an absolute blast. Between dancing, laughing, and participating in a Wall of Death, Matt and Kim throw a party. The sound is more intense than anything you’d experience with the studio sound and makes the band even more dynamic. If you have a chance to see these two, I highly recommend it. Sometimes that poppy electronic duo will surprise you. 

Photo by Will Hughes

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