Artist Spotlight: Wavy V

Company Brewing hosted a free show Saturday night featuring lo-fi indie pop singer-songwriter So Zuppy and psych-chamber pop group Wavy V. The latter utilized Company Brewing’s disco ball for a couple songs.

Wavy V consists of vocalist Emily Wagner-Morrow, guitarist/pianist/vocalist Riles Walsh, bassist/vocalist Ryan Miracle, pianist/flutist/vocalist Monica Jan Berenby, flutist/saxophonist Olivia Dobbs, and percussionist Heather Sewrey. Wavy V is a collective of classically trained musicians that take influence from 60’s psychedelia, 90’s indie rock, and folk singer-songwriters. They are known for frequent instrument swapping, cohesive folk-pop soundscapes, and multiple vocalists’ duties.

“Riles, Ryan and I used to be in another band years ago and about four or five years ago we started talking about playing music together again,” Wagner-Morrow said about the band’s origins. “The different instruments got added over time; when we first started doing it we were very folk-sounding…guitar, piano, vocals, and bass…but we knew we wanted a couple other things. We wanted to keep it tight and not too bombastic. We used to have a trumpet player as well and he left to go travel so we decided to bring in the other flute. It just kind of grew into this thing and we’ve always been interested in chamber music and 60’s psychedelic. It’s music that is thoughtful.”

Their singles “W (Moonflower Geometry)” and “A (What’ll I Do / “I’ll Be With You Soon)” have been dropped in the past year, while their upcoming single “V” is expected next month.

“We’ve decided to release all of this music as 7” singles the entire way through. We’re working on V and it’s just a single song – it’s called “The Fools Have Gone To Bed” and we’re working on a video.”

Wagner-Morrow explains why they are dropping everything as singles.

“Partially it’s time…we all have different schedules and responsibilities to keep in mind. We want to give all the pieces that we have all the time they need and not rush to get an album out. I think we were also intrigued by the way music used to be released when it was just an A side and a B side. We like the aesthetic of the 7″ – we all are vinyl fanatics. I do a lot of the artwork and it’s a whole thing, not just the sound.”

She describes the band’s songwriting duties.

“Riles writes all the music…our band before was called The Chandeliers and he was the main composer for that as well. He’s a really accomplished new-classical composer and he and I have worked together for like twelve years. We have a relationship that goes back far and I trust him really heavily with what he’s gonna have me say. Ryan has been with us for maybe nine years too, so there’s a lot of history with us. Riles writes all the music initially and then we arrange it – often for flutes and things like that he’ll actually write parts, but for tempo and pace we work as a group on it.”

Wavy V plays at the BarleyPop in Madison (where The Frequency was) on the 19th, and then Anodyne with L’Resorts and Caley Conway on November 15th.

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