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AUDIO: So Zuppy – “Blindly, Pt. 1”

Lo-fi pop artist So Zuppy has a new EP out, featuring the last two singles (“Plea” and “Ordinary”) he’s dropped in addition to three more tracks. Micah Foust states that he was creatively inspired by quilts of American folk art that he’d found in an online database. Each quilt represented a collage of feelings and stories that felt comforting even

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VIDEO: So Zuppy – “Plea”

As promised, So Zuppy has the video for his quirky love tune “Plea” out today. He’s shown chasing after a carrot being dragged on a string. It takes him into the forest, like he’s following his feelings into increasingly difficult territory. There’s then three of him at once shown playing instruments. He finally reaches for the carrot as it’s hanging

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AUDIO: So Zuppy – “Ordinary”

Lo-fi pop artist So Zuppy’s latest single is about feeling evil. Quirky and feathery, Zuppy sings about not wanting to be around those that are ordinary. It seems by “evil” he means that he thinks outside the box and perceives life different than most, for which he tells Christ to “crucify him.” Kevin Bush of Immortal Girlfriend contributes percussion. It’s

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AUDIO: So Zuppy – “Plea”

Lo-fi pop artist So Zuppy’s latest single is a forlorn letter to a former lover. He’s begging them to stay but they need him to be someone else, making him feel he was never enough. It speaks to those lingering feelings in the aftermath of a relationship where you’re still struggling to come to terms. We look forward to more

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