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AUDIO: So Zuppy – “Blindly, Pt. 2”

Lo-fi pop artist So Zuppy has the companion EP to last fall’s “Blindly, Pt. 1” out today. While that EP was punctuated by heartbreak, this body of work is warmed by newfound joy and fulfillment. Micah Foust feels a sense of wonder and excitement from sharing space with someone new who came into his life at the perfect moment. As

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AUDIO: So Zuppy – “Familiar Smile”

Lo-fi bedroom pop star So Zuppy has another single out today. It’s a saccharine love ditty about the butterflies you get when you find the right person. They’re all you can think about and seeing them brings you inexplicable joy. Micah Foust’s warm voice blankets the lyrics with comfort and peace. This is a sweet hint of what’s to come

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VIDEO: So Zuppy – “Eachother”

Lo-fi pop artist So Zuppy has the video out from his recent single “Eachother.” It features two animated figures, one orange and the other blue, holding hands and smiling along alternating pictures of nature. The blue figure is shown running with a flower while the orange figure appears with a dog at different points, illustrating how each finds companionship without

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AUDIO: So Zuppy – “Eachother”

Lo-fi pop artist So Zuppy released a new single today. It’s about finding someone who perfectly fits into your life after you’ve suffered loneliness and feeling misunderstood for so long. They came when you least expected, like a quirky and warm melody. It’s So Zuppy’s first song of 2021; stay tuned for what beautiful peculiarities he has in store.

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AUDIO: So Zuppy – “Blindly, Pt. 1”

Lo-fi pop artist So Zuppy has a new EP out, featuring the last two singles (“Plea” and “Ordinary”) he’s dropped in addition to three more tracks. Micah Foust states that he was creatively inspired by quilts of American folk art that he’d found in an online database. Each quilt represented a collage of feelings and stories that felt comforting even

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