AUDIO: Marielle Allschwang – “Precession Of A Day: The World Of Mary Nohl”

Marielle Allschwang is truly an original within the Milwaukee music community, and she draws from a local influence for her newest project, “Precession Of A Day: The World Of Mary Nohl”. The album is Allschwang’s second of this year, and roots itself in the work of Mary Nohl, a visual artist who was most known for her sculpture garden along Lake Michigan in Fox Point. Allschwang had visited the art environment as a child, and again once it looked like the house would be moved after Nohl’s passing. This record encapsulates that feeling, with a diverse palette of sounds working to replicate the feeling of being in a garden full of art, carried along by the breeze of the lake nearby. The nine track album is serene when it needs to be, but continues to build on songs like “Fear It” and “Roam”. In many ways, it feels like a record that needs to be heard from start to finish to be fully appreciated, and you can do that by checking it out below:

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