VIDEO: Reyna – “The Way I Loved You”

Passion, drama, and action all come your way (in Spanish) in Reyna’s new telenovela, “Como Yo Te Ame”, or better known as their new video for “The Way I Loved You”. The single was released earlier this year, and as is par for the course for Reyna, which means naturally catchy as all hell. The Savannah Ziemann-directed clip, however, is the real action, as the band pays homage to the telenovelas that they grew up watching, featuring a drama-filled spiderweb of romances and jilted feelings, which ends the only way it possibly could. Big things are on the way for Reyna, who are finishing up their cycle as one of the most recent Backline artists. There’s likely more on the horizon, but enjoy the video for “The Way I Loved You” below:

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