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AUDIO: REYNA – “Home Alone”

Beloved indie pop duo REYNA bring the Christmas spirit with their latest single. It’s a sweetly stripped-down tune about yearning for that special someone’s company during the holidays. They already told what Santa what they want this year – it’s you! Get out of the freezing cold and warm up with REYNA’s “Home Alone.”

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VIDEO: REYNA – “Quarantine Baby”

Beloved electronic pop duo REYNA have a new single and video out that themes around love during the pandemic. Both Vic and Gab are shown talking on the phone, expressing how much they miss a significant other. They’re spending time drinking too much and not sleeping enough, feeling like they need to be saved. Staring at the fridge for an

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VIDEO: REYNA – “7’11”

Pop duo REYNA are out with a new single and video. Featuring lyrics in both English and Spanish and written with indie pop band Coast Modern, the girls incorporate ghost costumes, magenta vibes, and a dance party into a spooky yet quirky love scene. Victoriah Banuelos stars along with Sienna Leigh Mendez as the ghost – Banuelos eventually becomes a

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