Artist Spotlight: Sex Scenes

Hardcore punk band Sex Scenes played High Dive with math rock duo Beach Burial and Madison punks No Question Sunday night, bringing a boat-load of excitement and electricity into the Riverwest favorite.

Sex Scenes consists of vocalist Zach Otto, guitarist Harrison Colby, bassist Connor LaMue, and drummer Gregg Twigg. Their most recent effort is a split EP with Madison garage-punk band Fire Heads, which came out a little over a month ago. Before that, their album “H” came out in May 2018. Otto explains what the band is up to now.

“We’re kind of trying to plan a tour but not rush into anything. We’re just getting into the swing of writing new stuff. Everything we play right now we have out; we played three older songs and the rest is off the split. Fire Heads are friends of ours from Madison we’ve known for awhile and played with for a long time; we ended up being in Cincinnati the same day as them on both our tours…that happens quite a bit with us for some weird reason. Big Neck Fest does their thing in Madison and we played their thing last year, talking with the dude that owns the label…and asked us to do the split.”

The band has been on the road three times, the most recent of which had been last summer.

“We like to do the East Coast. The first time we were out for two weeks and then this last time we were out for three and a half, so we did the same route plus a week and a half of other gigs, playing pretty much every day.”

Otto says his favorite city to play in is Philadelphia.

“I fucking love Philadelphia…it reminds me so much of here. They get down really hard…everyone’s super pissed off and it reminds me a lot of Milwaukee. The food is delicious; I book a lot of the tour dates and when I book I do basically where food that I like is at. I love to play St. Louis because of ribs and Baltimore because of crab cakes. I’m very food-oriented.”

Sex Scenes plays Cactus Club with Canadian noise punk band Tunic on September 19th.

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