Artist Spotlight: Fressure Point

R&B-soul-funk outfit Fressure Point played an intimate Thursday evening at the East Side brunch favorite Izzy Hops this week. Playing a blend of covers and originals, the crowd joined in and belted it with them several times.

Fressure Point consists of vocalist Aftin Warren, guitarist Jack Beyler, bassist Jon Blohm, and drummer Bob Schaab. Only Warren and Beyler played Thursday night, making it a stripped-down set full of spirit.

“I liked how intimate it was,” Warren said about Izzy Hops. “It’s chill and you can kinda do your own thing and make the music your own.”

The band formed from Warren and Beyler playing together for a wedding in 2017 and began as a duo. This has been their first year playing out on the scene.

“We started working on some cover stuff and realized we wanted to do our own, original stuff,” Warren said. “I didn’t have much experience in that – (Beyler) does. I started writing and realized I’m a lyricist. It just gelled and fit.”

The band has two songs out on Bandcamp – “Pins and Needles” and “Be My Man.”

“The lyrics from Pins and Needles came from me leaving my job that was very toxic. I realized I could be doing a lot better so I left and honestly don’t think we would’ve created as many songs as we did had I stayed at my job. I was releasing my thoughts and feelings on paper and writing a song about it…I felt like I Taylor Swift-ed my company. Be My Man came to me pretty fast and I just wanted it to be a love song – having a crush on somebody and expressing that. That’s not something we write and talk about heavily and making light-heart of it. Jack had a great groove he wrote and I wanted something light and fun.”

Fressure Point has two more singles to drop from the same session as “Pins and Needles” and “Be My Man,” and hope to expand their sound with horns in future shows. They play Ayre in the Square this Saturday.

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