Artist Spotlight: Ahab’s Ghost

Metal trio Ahab’s Ghost played along with party rockers Platinum Boys for Beaumont James’ going away party at High Dive on Friday night. With a Beaumont slideshow in the background, Ahab’s Ghost played a ton of new music and brought their usual wickedness and vigor.

Ahab’s Ghost consists of vocalist/bassist Joe Widen, guitarist Jake Hess, and drummer Sam Wallman. Their last EP “Wasted Forever, Ferociously Stoned” came out in 2015.

“Tonight was fucking awesome,” Hess said. “I think a lot of that is due to Beaumont – it was pretty electric in there. All the people here says a lot. He’s an amazing guy and he’s done a lot for the neighborhood. He’s just an amazing human and this is fitting for his character.”

Hess explains what the band is up to now.

“Right now we’re in the mixing stages of a new full-length…once we get it mixed, depending on how long mastering takes, we’re gonna release it digitally first but we hope to have it out on vinyl. We’re keeping the name under wraps. It’s taken like four years to get a second full-length out so hopefully it will be worth it. There’s song on this record that we wrote probably four or five years ago and there’s stuff we wrote maybe a year ago on it too. The recording process we did all ourselves, and at our practice space we reinforced the walls with a bunch of soundproofing and we built an isolation cabinet – it’s a super DIY thing. Sam is actually our engineer behind the whole thing. He’s been studying hard for a long time…anything that guy puts his mind to he pretty much masters it.”

The band is going on their tenth year together.

“We’ve been together since senior year of high school and all three of us have known each other since grade school…it’s a pretty long, hardened friendship.”

Ahab’s Ghost plans to play more in the coming months of 2019.

“For a long time we were playing maybe once every three or four months and that became people asking us if we were even still a band…so we’re playing more and hopefully getting this record out before the end of the year.”

Peace, Love, Sweat, and Rock n’ Roll.

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  • Ahab’s Ghost, if you like your rockin’ on the hard side this is the band to see. If you like original music this is the band to see. Ahab’s Ghost the best band you’ve never seen.

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