Sleepy Gaucho Plays Riverwest MishMash

Roots-folk outfit Sleepy Gaucho closed out the evening at Dino’s in Riverwest on Friday night. The Riverwest24 had been taking place, and plenty of participants had been eager to relax with the Southern-flavored musical entertainment.

Sleepy Gaucho is primarily the project of Andy Goitia, who sings and plays guitar. Will Hansen plays guitar and lap steel, David Dillon plays bass, and Jack Reed drums. Goitia shares his feelings about Riverwest and the show.

“The energy was pretty good. You could definitely feel the Riverwest24 in the air. This was my first involvement with it. Everyone came together in the neighborhood and being a new resident here (in Riverwest) I definitely feel the community here more than ever. I don’t know any other community that has this energy. Where cheap rent is, there’s a certain spirit.”

They released a new single “Mr. Wick” last month.

“I wrote it when I was in England; my sister was living there and I was crashing at her place and recorded the first album and had extra songs. Funny enough, it’s kind of about this neighborhood in London similar to (Riverwest) where all the artists flocked and people were managing to pay rent. It’s about these kinds of communities that unfortunately don’t last forever…an apartment complex will come in and ruin the rent and push artists out…everything not lasting and holding onto it while you can.”

Goitia describes the recording process behind their debut album “Another Time.”

“It was recorded to tape. I had a session drummer record most of the drums and I kind of filled in the rest. It’s a multi-instrumentalist project and I’ll have different members depending on the show join in and bring their own take on the songs. It isn’t always a secure feeling when we haven’t rehearsed much but it brings a new edge each time.”

Sleepy Gaucho has toured all over the country – they had been on the East Coast this past March. Goitia mentions where he feels the band has enjoyed the warmest reception.

“Given the music, the south would kinda be that. I think one of the places that resonated with me was the Pacific Northwest…it’s pretty beautiful and seems to be a slice of places you can still relatively afford to live. There is definitely a mentality that becomes more present the more west or east you go…something about the coasts.”

Sleepy Gaucho is working on a new album titled “Morning Light,” which will contain “Mr. Wick.” A release date has not been determined. Goitia describes each song will be “it’s own little world of escapism.” They play Cactus Club on September 14th.

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