Beach Burial Release Party at Cactus Club

Math-rock duo Beach Burial held their release party for their latest album “Dog Years” at Cactus Club Friday night, playing out to friends and fans alike. Hardcore rockers Snag and Entrana joined them.

Beach Burial consists of vocalist/guitarist Tom Olwig and drummer Eliot “Blot” Hess. Olwig describes the recording process of Dog Years.

“It’s been a work in progress, a long time…probably three years. We formed Beach Burial in 2016 and Eliot put a ton of work in mixing. We did live recordings spread out through his basement in his old place. Now we got a practice space in St. Francis and we recorded most of the album there. It took us a couple months but we got in mastered by Mystery Room Mastering, and we just put it out today.”

Hess explains the album’s title.

“It’s a reflection of time flying by and trying to appreciate the moment at hand, and appreciating the small details within life in the context of the monotonous bullshit we see everyday.”

The boys are hitting an East Coast tour (Salem, MA, Pittsburgh and Kalamazoo) and leave Sunday morning. It will be their first time touring.

“All the way to Salem is our first stop,” Olwig said. “It’s a long ass drive. We had some shows fall through so a lot of it will be sightseeing, camping, and hanging out playing solid shows for sure. We’re playing with Large Print from Milwaukee as well for a few shows.”

They hope to have Midwest outings in the near future.

“We’re planning to go back to Iowa City cuz we left some cymbals there,” Olwig laughed.

Hess says he does not get tired playing such intricate math-rock rhythms.

“I love getting technical and inserting emotion behind the drum set any chance I get to dive into it. I practice every day.”

Beach Burial has more songs in the works aside from promoting the new album.

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