AUDIO: Genesis Renji – “Sabotage / The Statement”

The latest from Genesis Renji, “Sabotage”, is a very interesting take on the party record. With lyrics like “I don’t care about nothing that don’t really get me high”, and the reoccurring hook of “I’mma fuck up my life”, the track takes some deep-sounding production and presents it as a pregame for a party, knowing full well that it will result in detriment. Whether it’s looked at as a track about living in the moment or a song about the consequences of partying, it’s compelling to hear a release that has a duality about it. B-side “The Statement” is a little more upbeat, but the focus is clearly the single, and the narrative it tells. Genesis Renji has promised a long summer, so we know there’s more on the way. Check out “Sabotage / The Statement” below:

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