AUDIO: Telethon – “Hard Pop”

Indie rockers Telethon have a new album slated for release on Take This To Heart Records… tomorrow. However, according to their Twitter, their finger slipped and their fourth album, “Hard Pop”, is out now for the masses to enjoy. With ten tracks of addicting, upbeat rock, the band once again demonstrates that they know how to craft the catchiest of tunes. Frontman Kevin Tully’s voice serves as a twangy tour guide through a myriad of sounds on this record, with everything from a xylophone to a full brass section to cellos falling into place on certain songs. There’s still plenty of shredding guitars, though, as evidenced by the blistering solo on “(I Guess You’d Call It) An Undertone”. All in all, “Hard Pop” is just a fun, lighthearted record, and the latest in a string of stellar albums from Telethon. Check it out below:

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