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AUDIO: Telethon – “Swim Out Past the Breakers”

Power pop/pop punk band Telethon finally have their new record out today; it’s their first record made entirely at their own Stillwave Studios. The band succeeds in making you want to jump around while also laughing your ass off. With clever yet eccentric lyrics themed around getting stuck in one pickle after another, Telethon remind us in a playful-yet-punchy way

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VIDEO: Telethon – “Checker Drive”

Emo rockers Telethon recently dropped two more singles – “Positively Clark Street” and “Checker Drive” – from their upcoming album, and they’ve also got a video out for the latter. Said video features the band on TV, rocking out in the fresh air. The song is about putting all your angst behind you and starting anew. The past doesn’t have

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AUDIO: Telethon – “Selfstarter A.E.”

Power pop indie lads Telethon have their first single out since 2019’s “Hard Pop.” It’s about how the world keeps turning no matter what kind of shit you and I are putting up with. Sometimes there’s a joy to life just going on while other times you feel the bite of misery. Telethon bring the angsty riffage that you’ll be

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