Brave You Plays Rare Show at Company Brewing

Indie-punk rockers Brave You played alongside Brooklyn rockers Wilder Maker at Company Brewing Tuesday night, playing to a crowd of midweek music lovers drinking their Double IPA’s. The band’s activity has been quiet as of late; their last show had been a January gig in Madison that concluded their most recent Midwest tour.

Brave You consists of guitarist/vocalist Alex Meylink, guitarist Jack Sibilski, bassist/vocalist Noah Snyder, and drummer Erik Burtraw. Sibilski was not present for this show – he lives in Saint Paul. The band’s name comes from a lyric from melodic hardcore band A Wilhelm Scream. Their latest effort had been their “Medium Daze” EP from last September, which followed up their debut LP “Places” from February earlier that year.

“It’s definitely interesting playing in a place like this, a bar…our last tour we played all basements and punk houses and it’s a very different vibe,” Meylink said. “It’s cool though…you can actually hear everything.”

The band had toured not only the Midwest this past winter, but also hit the East Coast last September. Meylink compares his experiences touring the two regions.

“I think the Midwest is a lot more helpful to touring bands in my experience. We just had a lot of weird experiences on the East could’ve just been that tour, but I just find people in the Midwest to be a lot more community-oriented. With there being such far spaces between cities there’s a bunch of small cities with good scenes. I had the experience of playing in both of my bands on the East Coast (this band and Telethon). Some towns I would feel like we weren’t as well-received…it depends on the crowd and it depends on what songs we’re playing.”

Meylink describes the shift in recording process between Places and Medium Daze.

“We recorded them both in the same way at our house – we have a studio. But we had Jack on full-time (for Medium Daze) and on the LP he does a solo or two. He brought way more “shreddery” and cool stuff I miss. That’s why it’s weird to play shows without him, cuz a lot of our new shows are kinda shred-based and it’s hard to do without him. But that’s kinda the direction we’re moving in.”

Brave You is writing new material that will contain a new singer for a number of tracks. They have no shows coming up until then; this show was a one-off thing since Wilder Maker had played with Telethon before and happened to be in town. This had been a rare opportunity, for sure.

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