Newvices Solo Set at Exclusive Company

Marco Jaimez of newvices

Another edition of Local Exclusives occurred at record store The Exclusive Company Friday night – this time indie rockers Flat Teeth and power pop outfit newvices took the stage.

However, newvices came in the form of vocalist Marco Jaimez doing a solo acoustic set.

“The stage was really small and we run a lot of backtracks so we thought it might be better if I just do it by myself,” Jaimez said.

The other two members are guitarist Rod Wortham and drummer Clayton Gustin. Wortham had been present for the show in the crowd; he made Jaimez giggle a bit during his final number.

They have been dropping a number of singles as of late; “My Mind” is about day jobs and “Runaway” is a relationship song.

“That was the first time that Marco and I really sat cohesively and wrote together,” Wortham said on Runaway. “The root of it was how I got into a pretty sad situation in San Diego in which a ring was lost in the toilet and it was very expensive. When we came home that song kinda shed its way through.”

“We’re writing a full-length’s worth of material and seeing if it’s worth it to do a full-length, because we’ve been releasing singles and EPs and those are doing well,” Jaimez said. “I don’t think people really sit and listen to albums a lot…I know I do.”

“It becomes a double-sided sword in that sense,” Wortham added. “We’re trying to find a way to make a career out of this. To do a full-length with the right producers – that’s kind of expensive in that regard…and to have a concept people can fully relate to.”

The boys reflect on their past two EPs “The Truth of Self” and their self-titled and find themselves growing in writing songs about the beauty left in the world.

“As we’ve progressed, the songs we’re writing now are different and it’s because we’re collaborating more on instrumental parts,” Jaimez said.

“One of our best songs in terms of live response is one of our saddest songs,” Wortham said, referring to “Gloom.” “It comes from one of the realest places when you’re down. But ironically I wrote that song while I was in a really bright place.”

newvices have picked up a management team which will assist them with touring in the future.

“We went to SXSW and we had no money,” Wortham said. “Also thanks to Backline we got to play with lovelytheband at EIU, which was a dope show. We didn’t have a van and bought one to make negative two thousand dollars in that show. But it was worth it.”

They opened for LANY at The Rave just over a month ago but find most meaning in connecting with their fan base.

“Having fifteen hundred people there is sick…but after that LANY show we played at Cactus Club and that venue is just beautiful and it puts you in a realistic aspect of playing with just people you know in the city and how that connects you…it says a lot more. That show felt awesome. People genuinely connected to it in a real experience and that have watched you grow.”

newvices drop a new single in October and are working with Wire & Vice on recording demos. They open for Young the Giant at Summerfest on July 2nd and open for Red Sun Rising at Turner Hall on July 17th.

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