AUDIO: Guerrilla Ghost – “Coulter”

In addition to throwing the fourth edition of their Triple Eye Industries Fest in both Chicago and Milwaukee this weekend, Guerrilla Ghost came out with a new single, “Coulter” as well. The song takes shots at, you guessed it, political commentator Ann Coulter (who sucks), and the band have no qualms about letting you know how they feel about her. On the track, we get some hard, dubstep-eque beats from Tron Jovi, and an intense flow from Bad Graphics Ghost. The duo began to really hit their stride, arguably, with their “Perpetually Sad Motion Machine” album, and this track proves their capability as an experienced act. We’ll see if “Coulter” is a precursor to more new Guerrilla Ghost material, but you can check out the track right now below:

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